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New HPE OfficeConnect Support Portal

HPE has launched this OfficeConnect Support Portal to make the small business support experience faster, simpler and more intuitive, and now offers around the clock support at no additional cost during the warranty period.

  • The OfficeConnect new warranty and support experience offers:
    • A dedicated OfficeConnect portal that provides an easy online support experience
    • Quick links and dropdown menus to access software, documentation and support for selected products (including manuals, getting started guides, policies, etc)
    • A chat icon to open a 24x7 chat support case at any time for the entire warranty period, in all regions
  • For OfficeConnect products purchased after October 1, 2017* the new warranty offers:
    • 24x7 phone support for the first 90 days
    • 24x7 chat support (English only) for the entire warranty period
    • Next business day shipment of advanced hardware replacement - includes fans and power supplies
    • Affordable service packages offering extended 24x7 phone support (contact the partner where you purchased your gear)
    • * Includes all OC20 products purchased prior to October 1, 2017


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(for purchases after October 1, 2017)

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Is your device still covered under 24x7 warranty phone support, or just chat?
Please enter your OfficeConnect serial number:

This serial number indicates that your product may still be entitled to telephone support. Call center personnel are qualified to make a final determination on telephone support entitlement. This serial number indicates that your product does not qualify for phone support and is outside the initial 90 days warranty. If you find this in error, call center personnel are qualified to make a final determination on telephone support entitlement. Please have your sales receipt ready before dialling.

Other options include extending the warranty on your product through one of our service plans. Contact your sales representative for more information.

Your product may qualify for phone support: Your product likely does not qualify for phone support:

* Note: If your country is not listed, please contact your local authorized HPE partner or your place of purchase.

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