Built on a foundation of network interoperability

HP Networking solutions allow customers to design and build their network architecture to suit current requirements and network refresh cycles. Customers who are looking to migrate to HP or build a multi-vendor environment can be assured that many other customers have taken this path.

Whether customers have HP or another campus technology vendor , data center core, edge or vice versa, HP has validated designs and processes to ensure co-existence in a trusted, safe transformation resulting in business continuity and no loss in productivity. Learn about the experience of our customers.

Case Studies

Customers around the globe testify to the interoperability of HP Networking products in their multi-vendor networks.

HP future-proofs data centers with best-in-class equipment

Moreas upgrades network to improve reliability and performance

HP's interoperability and expertise made it possible for us to consolidate information and data, centralize our sprawling network applications, and increase our speed-of-business-and do it in such a way our DAS agencies could continue their daily operations without interruption.”

Jason Cohen
Global CIO, Diversified Agency Services (DAS)


HP Technology Services provides a trusted step by step approach tailored to your unique needs to migrate or interoperate with other networking vendors.

Trusted Network Transformation


Infrastructure Management Webinar series
Infrastructure Management Webinar series
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