Device User Names and Passwords

Use the Device Passwords window to add, delete, and modify user names and passwords for the device. User names and passwords enable two levels of access:

    Manager -- Enables read/write access; that is, with Manager access you can browse the switch features and activity, reconfigure features, and, using the console interface (available through Telnet access from the Configuration/Device View), download a new switch operating system or configuration.
    Operator -- Enables read access only; that is, with Operator access, you can only browse switch features and activity.

You can also set up the Manager (root) password through the device console. The password protects Read and Write access to the device.

With Manager access and Operator access controlled by a user name and password, only an individual who can enter the user name and password for one of these levels can get access to the switch via the web browser interface.

    Note: The switch's Menu interface configures and uses the same manager and operator password as the web browser interface (and the CLI), but does not provide for a user name on either level. Thus, to configure a user name you must use either the CLI or the web browser interface.

Lost Password: If you lose a password and as a result cannot access any of the switch's management interfaces, it is necessary to use the Clear button on the front of the switch to remove user name and password protection. (Refer to the installation manual provided with the switch.)

Passwords in the HP Procurve Stacking Environment: For password operation in the stacking environment, see "How Passwords Are Used with Stacking".

Security Options: If you want more security options and control than the switch's local user name and password offer, you may want to investigate these other security features available in your switch:

How To...

Create the recommended user name and password access:

The recommended setup is to have both a Manager user name and password and an Operator user name and password.

  1. In the Manager User Name field type a manager name of your choice.
  2. Type a manager password, first in the Manager Password field and again in the Confirm Manager Password field.
  3. In the Operator User Name field type an operator name of your choice.
  4. Type an operator password, first in the Manager Password field and again in the Confirm Manager Password field.
  5. Click on the Apply Changes button.

Manager/Operator Password Combinations

Giving passwords to operators and managers has consequences that may not be immediately apparent. The level of protection and the access granted to the device varies depending on who gets what:

Manager password set;
Operator password set
YesYesBoth the Manager and the Operator have read access, but only the Manager has write access. Everyone else is excluded from the device. Recommended setting.
Manager password set;
Operator password not set
NoYesAnyone can get read Access, but only the Manager can write to the device.
Manager password not set;
Operator password set
YesYesThe Operator has both read and write access because write access has not been reserved for the manager.
Manager password not set;
Operator password not set
NoNoAnyone can have read and write (Manager) access to the device. Not recommended.

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