About RAID level and controller

For Gen9 servers, you can use RAID to define logical drives or HBA to present drives directly to the operating system.


Gen10 servers utilize mixed mode, where every physical drive that is not configured to be part of a logical drive is presented directly to the operating system. In mixed mode, you are not required to choose between RAID and HBA when setting up a server profile.

The RAID levels that the controller can support are defined in the specifications of each controller. You must check the specifications of each controller to verify which RAID levels the controller supports. Supported RAID levels depend on the server hardware type and on the physical server configuration. Ensure you have enough physical drives present for the selected RAID level.


Although RAID 50 and RAID 60 are supported by some controllers, they are not supported by HPE OneView. To use RAID 50 or RAID 60 in Gen9 and earlier servers, set the controller to manage manually in HPE OneView.