About emergency local login

When configured to use a directory service, administrators can choose to disable local logins for improved security. If the directory service is unavailable, users cannot log in to the appliance. Under these circumstances, if permitted by your security policies and HPE OneView configuration, the emergency local login option allows an Administrator to log in to the appliance.

To enable emergency local login, see Enable emergency local login.


If local login is disabled when upgrading to the HPE OneView, emergency local login is automatically enabled.

By default, emergency local login is restricted to the appliance console, but can be configured to allow web-based login.

The Administrator account must have a complex password when emergency local login is enabled for security purposes. You can enable Enforce complex passwords to ensure that all local accounts have strong passwords, including the Administrator account. The password complexity is enforced the next time that the account password is changed.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise recommends that you change the Administrator password immediately after enabling emergency local login. See About complex passwords.