About firmware repositories

A firmware repository enables you to store firmware file and deploy them across your environment. Selecting a firmware file from the repository displays its release date, supported languages and operating systems, and the file components. The screen also displays the amount of storage space available for additional firmware file on the appliance. You cannot add a firmware file that is larger than the amount of space available in the repository.

Two types of repositories are supported:

  • Internal Repository: An internal embedded firmware repository has a maximum size limit of 100 GB to store and upload firmware files for use by components managed by HPE OneView.


    You cannot add, edit, or remove the internal repository.

  • External Repository: An additional externally managed HTTP/HTTPS web server can be added to the appliance as a repository. It is a user-maintained HTTP/HTTPS web server. You can upload firmware file in a specific directory and then register the HTTP/HTTPS server with HPE OneView. This functionality is supported for Linux and Windows systems.

    The recommended types of external web servers to use with the repository follow:

    • Apache

    • Internet Information Services (IIS)

    You can add web servers configured with the IPv4 address to HPE OneView.

    • IPv4 address:

    • Only one external repository can be added.

    • HPE OneView and the external repository must be part of the same subnet.

    • An alert displays on the repository screen if you exceed the maximum storage space configured when setting up the external repository.

    • Do not change the name of an SPP in the external repository during a firmware update; the SPP name change will cause the update to fail.

    • Add the signature files for the Gen10 hotfixes that are present in the external repository. If the signature files are not added, a warning message appears in the HPE OneView firmware bundles page.

      The best practice is to add both the hotfix and the signature file as a pair in the external repository web server.

    Upload of firmware bundles that do not contain the management firmware components

    If you attempt to add a firmware bundle that does not contain the required firmware version and components, the firmware bundle is uploaded with a warning message in the appliance firmware repository. The warning message displays the missing components in the firmware bundle. All the components below the minimum required versions are considered as missing.

    More information
    • "Install and configure a web-based external firmware repository on Microsoft Windows" and "Install and configure a web-based external firmware repository on Linux" in the HPE OneView User Guide.