About hypervisor cluster volumes

The hypervisor cluster volumes are the shared SAN volumes attached to a hypervisor cluster to provide storage resources for virtual machines deployed on this cluster. The volumes configured on the hypervisor cluster profile are configured on all the hypervisors in the cluster. These SAN volumes can be of FC, iSCSI, or FCOE volume types, which can be attached to a server profile.

The SAN storage volumes that have been configured in the associated server profile template are automatically populated within the Storage section during create, edit, or import cluster profile operations and these cannot be removed. The volumes in the server profile template can be made available across multiple hypervisor cluster profiles using the same server profile template. In addition to SAN volumes configured in the server profile template, you can also add or remove these additional storage volumes from the hypervisor cluster profile. These additional storage volumes are specific to hypervisor cluster profile and are not shared across multiple hypervisor cluster profiles.

The hypervisor cluster volumes can be formatted with VMFS (Virtual Machine File System). If you do not want to format the volumes, you can select Unmanaged as the file system option.

  • Once added, a hypervisor cluster volume cannot be modified.

  • Cluster volume names must not conflict with local datastore names on the hypervisor hosts in a cluster.

  • Hypervisor cluster profile does not automatically reconfigure the datastore to storage volume size changes. To increase the datastore capacity, increase the size of the storage volume on which the datastore is created, and then using the hypervisor manager user interface, increase the datastore capacity.