About importing a hypervisor cluster profile

Import hypervisor cluster profile allows you to import and manage existing hypervisor clusters that were created without using hypervisor cluster profiles. The hypervisors in the cluster that are running on the server nodes managed by HPE OneView will be imported. If parent is not set for the server profiles managing these server nodes, the server profile template used by hypervisor cluster profile will be set as parent for the server profiles.

Once the hypervisor cluster profile is imported, you can import additional hypervisors into the hypervisor cluster profile by editing the hypervisor cluster profile and adding the existing hypervisors. Use this option if you are deploying the hypervisor OS on the server nodes outside of HPE OneView. This helps you to deploy and manage hypervisor clusters using hypervisor OS deployment tool of your choice.

The network and storage configurations on the hypervisor cluster profile to be imported are initialized based on the discovered configuration of one of the cluster members and the associated server profile template. No configuration changes are made to the hypervisor cluster or cluster members during the import process. After the hypervisor cluster profile is imported, inconsistencies, if any, are reported based on the consistency checks against the configurations. The imported hypervisor cluster profile can then manage the hypervisor cluster for its lifecycle operations such as growing the cluster, shrinking the cluster, modifying configurations based on needs, consistency checks, and non disruptive firmware updates.

  • Only those hypervisors that are deployed on the server nodes managed by HPE OneView can be imported.

  • If the cluster has hypervisors, then during the import hypervisor cluster profile, the server profile templates that are listed are based on the server hardware type of the managed server nodes present in the cluster.