About utilization sampling

The Utilization Sampling settings control the data collection rate for all port statistics on the Interconnects screen. The port statistics display as graphs when you hover your pointer over the Utilization screen component.

The utilization data collected is based on the sample count and the sample interval value. The default values provide an hours’ worth of data. You can increase or decrease the frequency of the sample interval, and increase or decrease the number of samples to be stored. The adjustment of either value controls the length of the overall time for which data is available.

For HPE Virtual Connect 16Gb 24-port Fibre Channel Modules, utilization sampling is always enabled, and cannot be disabled.


For the port statistics and graphs to be visible on the Interconnects screen, the Interconnect firmware version must be 4.00 or later.

In addition to specifying time between samples of utilization data, the interval between samples specifies the frequency at which data is refreshed on the Interconnects screen.

The utilization sampling option allows you to specify the number of samples to be collected per hour and provides a total sampling history. The total sampling history is based on the specified number of samples and the interval between samples.

The sampling options do not apply to HPE Virtual Connect 16Gb 24-port Fibre Channel Modules as the default sampling rate is one sample per minute.