Filter activities

From either the Activity view or the Activity filter sidebar, you can filter the display of the activity list to locate specific activities. Although, you cannot customize the existing filters in the Activity view or filter sidebar, you can filter activities by manually entering the search queries in the search box.

You can combine filter criteria to tailor the results. For example, you could filter the activity list to display only critical alerts that occurred within the last seven days and that have not been assigned to an owner.

  • Privileges: Network administrator, Server administrator, Storage administrator, Backup administrator, Read only, or Infrastructure administrator

  1. From the main menu, select Settings > Activity.
  2. At the top panel, click All types and select either Alerts or Tasks.
  3. Optional. Click Reset to restore the filter criteria with default values.
    This action also clears the Smart Search box.
  4. From the Activity view, select the values to filter the activities.

    The filter criteria you choose are reflected in the Smart Search box.

  5. Optional. Sort the filtered results in ascending or descending order.