Add certificates screen details

Screen component


Paste certificate

Displays option to add a CA (root or intermediate) certificate or self-signed certificate to the HPE OneView trust store by pasting the Base64-encoded certificate or chain of certificates.

Add certificate from an IP address or hostname

Displays option to fetch the certificate or certificate chain by connecting to the IP address or port. This is a preferred option if a managed device is available on the network to fetch a certificate. You can type in the hostname, IPv4 or IPv6 address and an optional port number. If you do not specify a port number, 443 is used, by default.

Force trust leaf certificate

Enables or disables trusting of the CA-signed leaf certificate into appliance trust store. If enabled, the appliance ignores root and intermediate certificates in the specified certificate chain. This certificate is treated similar to a self-signed certificate if the signing CA certificate is not present in the appliance..


Control to validate the certificate, and optionally provide an alias name to easily identify the certificate before adding the certificate to the trust store.