Prerequisites for bringing a c7000 enclosure into HPE OneView



Enclosure model

The enclosure must be a supported model listed in the HPE OneView Support Matrix.

The enclosure is powered on.

Server hardware

The server hardware seated in an enclosure must meet the prerequisites listed in Prerequisites for bringing server hardware into an appliance.


The enclosure firmware must be at least the minimum supported firmware version listed in the HPE OneView Support Matrix.


An HPE OneView license is required to manage servers.

Onboard Administrator

The primary and standby OA must be configured with a host name or IP address and must be reachable by HPE OneView.

As part of bringing an OA under management, a local user account is added, so the OA must be configured to allow for local user accounts.

If the enclosure has two Onboard Administrators, both OAs must be at the same firmware version.

IP addresses

IPv4 or IPv6 configuration is required.

iLO IP address

Server hardware iLOs must be configured with IP addresses, automatically with DHCP addresses or manually with Enclosure Bay IP Addressing (EBIPA)-specified addresses.

HPE OneView must be able to connect to the server hardware iLOs.


Interconnects must be configured with: IP addresses, automatically with DHCP addresses, or manually with EBIPA-specified addresses.

Open ports

The following ports must be opened between HPE OneView and the enclosure:

  • TCP 80, 443

  • UDP 123, 161, 162