Best practices for backing up an appliance




Always use the HPE OneView backup feature to back up your appliance.


Do not use any hypervisor-provided capabilities or snapshots to back up HPE OneView appliances because doing so can cause synchronization errors and result in unpredictable and unwanted behavior.


Hewlett Packard Enterprise recommends backing up your appliance configuration with the automatic remote backup feature regularly, preferably daily.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise also recommends backing up your appliance manually:
  • After adding hardware

  • After changing the appliance configuration

  • Before and after updating the appliance firmware

    You should always have a backup file with the same firmware version as the appliance. Otherwise, a restore operation will fail.

You can back up the appliance while it is in use and while normal activity is taking place. You do not need to wait for tasks to stop before creating a backup file.


The backup file format is proprietary.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise recommends that you:

  1. Create and download the backup file.

  2. Encrypt the backup file and store it in a safe, off-appliance location to protect your sensitive data.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise provides REST APIs for integration with enterprise backup products.