Backup screen details

Screen component


Last backup downloaded

The creation date, time, and file name of the backup file that was downloaded.

Current backup

The date and time the current backup file was taken, who took it, and the file name.

Remote Backup Location

This information only appears if remote backup is set. Otherwise, the text “not set” is displayed with an URL (Edit backup) link.

Transfer protocol

The specified transfer protocol.

User name

The user account for the transfer.

Host name

The IP address or host name of the machine where the backup will be stored.


The folder (in the user’s home directory) where backup files are stored.


This information only appears if a schedule is set. Otherwise, the text “not set” is displayed with a link to the Edit backup screen.


Displays how often the automatic remote backup will occur.


Displays the time of day the transfer will start. The time is specified according to the browser’s locale setting.



Create backup

Creates a backup file

Download backup

Downloads the backup file from the appliance to the local computer or remote backup location.