Fabric-attach Fibre Channel networks

SAN infrastructures typically use a Fibre Channel switching solution involving several SAN switches that implement NPIV (N-Port ID Virtualization) technology. NPIV uses N-ports and F-ports to build a Fibre Channel SAN fabric. NPIV enables multiple N_Ports to connect to a switch through a single F_Port, so that a server can share a single physical port with other servers, but access only its associated storage on the SAN.

When you configure a fabric-attach Fibre Channel network, the port you choose for the uplink from the enclosure interconnect to the storage SAN must support NPIV (N_Port ID Virtualization).

You can use Virtual Connect Fibre Channel modules to connect storage. The appliance manages up to six Virtual Connect Fibre Channel modules in bays 3 through 8 of an enclosure. Virtual Connect Fibre Channel modules are not supported in bay 1 and bay 2.