Adding a network

When you add a network to the appliance, you might need to make configuration changes to the following resources:

  • Networks

    Add the network.

  • Network Sets

    (Optional) If the network you are adding is an Ethernet network you might want to add it to a network set or create a network set that includes the network.

  • Logical Interconnects and Logical Interconnect Groups

    For a server connected to a logical interconnect to access a network, the logical interconnect must have an uplink set that includes a connection to that network:

    • You might need to update multiple logical interconnects.

    • You can make configuration changes to the logical interconnect group, and then update each logical interconnect from the group.

    • If your configuration changes include deleting an uplink set or changing the name of an uplink set, server profile network connectivity can be affected.

  • Server Profiles

    If the server profile does not have a connection to a network set that includes this network, you must add connections to the network.

For a summary of the tasks you complete when adding a network, see Quick Start: Add a network and associate it with an existing server.