Quick Start: Add a c7000 enclosure with a single logical interconnect group and connect its server blades to networks

This quick start describes the process to add an enclosure to an existing appliance with Virtual Connect interconnects and enable the server blades to access the existing data center networks. The scenarios in this quick start are for a single logical interconnect group per enclosure (fully stacked) configuration.

The steps you take to add an enclosure and ensure that its server blades are connected to the data center networks depend on whether you use an existing enclosure group, or if you need to define the network connectivity by configuring enclosure groups, and logical interconnects and their uplink sets.

For a server blade in an enclosure to connect to a data center network, you must ensure that several resources are configured.

Logical interconnect groups, their uplink sets, and their associated enclosure groups can be created in different ways:

  • You can create them before the enclosure is added to HPE OneView.

  • You can create them as part of the enclosure add operation. During the enclosure add operation, HPE OneView detects the interconnects installed in the enclosure and creates the groups based on the hardware in the enclosure. You complete the configuration of the groups before you complete the enclosure add operation.

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