How the appliance handles an unexpected shutdown

The appliance has features to help you with unexpected shutdowns, allowing managed resources to continue to operate while the appliance is offline. For example:
  • Setting up automatic backups

  • Setting up automatic recovery

Hewlett Packard Enterprise recommends that you use the hypervisor high-availability to reduce down-time and backup features to ensure that the appliance is backed up daily, and when you make significant configuration changes.

Appliance recovery operations

When the appliance restarts, it performs the following operations:

  • Detects tasks that were in progress and resumes those tasks, if it is safe to do so. If the appliance cannot complete a task, it notifies you that the task has been interrupted or is in some other error state.

  • Attempts to detect differences between the current environment and the environment at the time the appliance shut down, and then refreshes its database with the detected changes.

    If you determine that the appliance data does not match the current environment, you can request that the appliance refresh the data for certain resources, such as enclosures.

Appliance recovery during a firmware update of a managed resource

If the appliance shuts down during a firmware update of a managed resource, when the appliance restarts, it detects the failed update and marks the firmware update tasks as being in an error state. To update the firmware for this resource, you must re-initiate the firmware update task.