Filter the view of a resource based on its status on the Dashboard

To filter the view of a resource based on its health status, perhaps to troubleshoot resources in a warning or critical state, click the yellow or the red part of the donut.

To troubleshoot issues when a status chart reports one or more instances of a resource in a non-normal status (such as Critical or Warning), perform the following steps.

This procedure uses Enclosures in a Critical status as an example. However, you can perform this procedure and select any status to navigate to the resources filtered on that status.

  1. On the Dashboard > Enclosures status chart, click the red part of the donut to view the resources that appear to be critical.

    Enclosures displays the number of critical resources on the center of the donut.

  2. To reset the filter to the default view for enclosures, click Reset on the Filters menu in the banner.

    Alternatively, select All Statuses from the Filters menu.