About monitoring data center temperature

The Data Centers resource provides a visualization of the racks in your data center and displays their peak temperature using a color-coded system. To enable this functionality, you must first specify the physical positions of your racks and the position of the components in them using the Data Centers resource.

You can use temperature visualization to identify over-cooled areas of your data center. You can close vent tiles in areas that have low peak temperatures to increase airflow to areas that have insufficient cooling. If the entire data center is over-cooled, you can raise the temperature to save on cooling costs.

Temperature collection and visualization details

  • The visualization displays peak rack temperature using a color-coded system. The rack is colored based on the highest peak temperature (over the last 24 hours) of the device in the rack with the highest peak temperature recorded (of devices which support ambient temperature history reporting).

  • Temperatures are determined using the temperature utilization data collected from each device.

  • Background data collection occurs at least once a day, so the reported peak temperature for a rack will be within the past 48 hours.

  • Racks without an observed peak temperature with 48 hours are depicted without color coding (gray).

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