About managed, monitored, and migrated enclosures

An enclosure is a physical structure with device bays supporting compute, networking, and storage modules. These composable modules share the enclosure's common power, cooling, and management infrastructure.

An HPE BladeSystem c7000 enclosure is added into HPE OneView as a Managed (including Migrated) or Monitored enclosure.

An HPE Integrity Superdome X enclosure is added into HPE OneView as a Monitored enclosure.


HPE OneView manages the enclosure enabling you to apply configurations, deploy server profiles, monitor operation status, collect statistics, and alert users to specific conditions. Managed enclosures require an HPE OneView Advanced or an HPE OneView Advanced w/o iLO license. See Server hardware license types.


HPE OneView monitors hardware for inventory and hardware status only. Server profile management is not allowed within HPE OneView for a monitored enclosure. Monitored enclosures use a free HPE OneView Standard license. See Server hardware license types.


HPE OneView migrates an enclosure from Virtual Connect Manager (VCM) so that its contents can be managed in HPE OneView. If you migrate an enclosure, the existing configuration is captured and recreated in HPE OneView, provided the configuration is supported by HPE OneView.