SR-IOV acknowledgment for in-service migration

In Virtual Connect Manager (VCM), administrators can specify the distribution of SR-IOV (Single Root I/O Virtualization) virtual functions across the FlexNICs in server profiles. HPE OneView distributes virtual functions evenly across all the FlexNICs in the server profile. When the SR-IOV connection setting in the Virtual Connect domain is default, VCM assigns all SR-IOV virtual functions to the third FlexNIC on the port. When migrating from VCM to HPE OneView, this redistribution takes effect the first time the server is rebooted after the migration to HPE OneView. The redistribution causes the server to reenumerate PCI devices, which can disrupt server network traffic, as a result of the new device ordering. Review and revise the network configuration of hypervisors and guest virtual machines in the host OS, if needed, to avoid disrupting their network connectivity.

For this condition, an alert is issued on the profile. Manually clear this alert to acknowledge the behavior. Alternatively, the alert is automatically cleared when the server profile is modified or if the server is rebooted.