About offline or in-service migration

You can migrate enclosures into HPE OneView offline or in-service.

Servers are powered off before migration

Advantages: Faster migration time and partially-stacked domain support


Servers remain powered on during migration

Advantage: Minimum downtime in server connectivity

Both types of migration require that:
  • All blocking issues, as identified in the compatibility report, are resolved

  • All acknowledgments are understood and accepted, including additional acknowledgments for in-service migration (for example, BIOS and SR-IOV)

In addition, in-service migration requires:
  • A fully or partially stacked enclosure in a dual ring or left/right vertical stacking link configuration. See recommended stacking connections in the HPE Virtual Connect documentation.


Changes made during in-service migration do not take effect until the server is rebooted for the first time following the migration. Plan a reboot if an acknowledgment, such as an SR-IOV virtual function configuration, indicates a change that would impact your operation.

If the additional in-service migration conditions cannot be met, migrate offline.