Extract a script from a configured Onboard Administrator


  • Minimum required privileges: Administrator

  1. Access the Onboard Administrator from the Enclosures screen by clicking the OA link in the Hardware panel.
    1. Log in to the Onboard Administrator.
    2. Under Enclosure information in the OA screen, go to Configuration Scripts where you can view and copy scripts, such as SHOW CONFIG.
  2. From the OA CLI, enter the SHOW CONFIG command to view the current configuration script for the enclosure.
  3. Copy the generated script, and then paste it into the Configuration script text box of the Create Enclosure Group screen for a new enclosure group (or the Edit Enclosure Group screen for an existing enclosure group).

For security, the retrieved current configuration does not contain any user passwords. You can manually edit the script to add the user passwords after the user name on the ADD USER lines.