Resolve compatibility issues

The migration tool detects if the features and hardware within a VCM-managed enclosure are compatible with HPE OneView. Each detected issue is grouped into a category such as hardware, domain, logical interconnect group, or server profile to identify the part of the Virtual Connect domain or HPE OneView system that is impacted.

  1. Review each issue and suggested resolution.

    If performing an offline migration, resolve all non-power related issues first before powering down the server to limit application downtime.

    1. Evaluate warnings to determine if action needs to be taken.

      If the warning indicates that the issue will affect your use of the configuration, then take action. Otherwise, the warning can be ignored.

    2. Resolve all blocking migration errors by modifying the configuration in VCM or HPE OneView.

      Resolving an issue may require disabling a feature within Virtual Connect, changing a configuration in Virtual Connect, or in some cases, changing the HPE OneView logical interconnect group.

      For example, if there is a mismatch with uplink sets and one of those uplink sets already exists in HPE OneView and 10 enclosures with the same configuration are to be migrated into the same enclosure group, update the uplink set in HPE OneView.

  2. Re-execute the test compatibility report until all blocking issues are resolved.
  3. Continue with the migration process.