Add server hardware to managed enclosures

Add a server by physically inserting it in an enclosure.

If you add a server to a managed enclosure and its iLO firmware is below the minimum requirements, HPE OneView attempts to update the firmware. If the firmware could not be updated, an alert is displayed. To update the iLO firmware, click Update iLO firmware.

When adding or replacing a server, to retain any previously associated server profile to the server, check the profile affinity.

If you have problems adding a server, see Cannot add a server.

Unsupported hardware that is within supported enclosures is not handled by the enclosure directly. If HPE OneView detects an unsupported server blade or interconnect in a supported enclosure, a notification links to the screen (for example, an unsupported server blade alert links to the Server Hardware screen).

If the server hardware was not previously added to this HPE OneView appliance, HPE OneView will attempt to add the server hardware using the licensing policy associated with the enclosure.