Remove a server from an existing enclosure


If you do not remove the server profile association before removing the server, the status of the server profile on the Server Profiles screen changes to critical and the status of all connections is disabled.

  1. Remove a server by physically removing it from an enclosure.
  2. Verify that the server is removed from the HPE OneView database. Choose one of the following methods:
    1. Enclosures screen

      The status icon for the component on the Enclosures screen is In progress until the component is deleted from the database..

      The bay is marked empty.

    2. Server Hardware screen

      When you remove a server from an enclosure, the status icon for the server hardware on the Server Hardware screen is In progress until the server is deleted from the database. The data from the removed server no longer displays. .

      If you select Actions > Remove from the Server Hardware screen, you receive a message with instructions for removing the entire enclosure from management.