Firmware options when adding enclosures for management

When adding an enclosure, you have the option to install a new firmware baseline.

  • If an SPP is specified, the Onboard Administrator (OA) and interconnects firmware will update to match the version in the SPP. The baseline is also set on each of the logical interconnects in the enclosure.

  • If you select Manage Manually (the default), the OA and iLOs are automatically updated to the minimum required for HPE OneView. The baseline for the logical interconnects is Not set.

Manual firmware update required

Virtual Connect firmware requires a manual update after the enclosure is added if it is below the required minimum level or if the interconnect firmware levels do not match.

HPE ProLiant G6 server blade firmware is not updated when adding the enclosure to manage.

Older firmware version

To install an older firmware version than the version contained in the SPP, you must select the Force installation option to downgrade the firmware. You might want to install older firmware if the newer firmware is known to cause a problem in your environment.


Forcing a firmware downgrade might leave the server unstable.

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