About firmware bundles

The appliance provides reliable and simplified firmware management across the data center. Using the firmware management features built in to the appliance, you can define firmware baselines and perform firmware updates across many resources. When you add a resource to the appliance, the appliance automatically updates the resource firmware to the minimum version required to be managed by the appliance or version defined to be a baseline.

A firmware bundle, also known as an HPE Service Pack for ProLiant (SPP), is a comprehensive collection of firmware and system software components, all tested together as a single solution stack that includes drivers, agents, utilities, and firmware packages. Firmware bundles enable you to update firmware on HPE ProLiant servers, controllers, storage, server blades, interconnects, and enclosures.


All the firmware and software components contained in an SPP are in Red Hat Package Manager (RPM) format.

Firmware information display in HPE OneView

The Firmware screen displays all installed firmware bundles and contents, with the most recently installed bundle listed first. Select a firmware bundle to display additional information about it. The Storage remaining panel displays the amount of storage space available in the firmware repository on the appliance.

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