Best practices for managing firmware

Best practice


Increase the size of the virtual disk for the SPP repository.

Increase the firmware repository to 100 GB by expanding the virtual disk size.

Set the NIC Settings in Onboard Administrator (OA).

Before beginning a firmware update process on devices in the enclosure, perform the recommended steps.

Upload the latest current SPP.

Download the latest SPP and then upload the SPP to your appliance repository.

Apply your favorite filter to download an environment-specific SPP.


Each SPP deliverable contains the Smart Update Manager and firmware smart components.

Set the same firmware baseline for all devices in an enclosure.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise recommends that you set the firmware baseline using the Update Firmware option on the Logical Enclosures screen. This action updates all the devices in the enclosure to the specified level.

If you choose to create custom SPPs, use SPP Custom Download to create them.

Log in to the web portal of SPP Custom Download to create a custom SPP using environment-specific filters. Apply server model filter or operating system filter to create a smaller sized SPP.


Save the filter for convenience.

Update firmware in the proper sequence.

Although Hewlett Packard Enterprise recommends that you set the firmware baseline for all devices in an enclosure which will cause all firmware to be installed in the proper order, you can update firmware on specific components.

If you choose to update component firmware independently, upgrade the firmware in the following order: logical interconnect, and then the server profile. Hewlett Packard Enterprise recommends that you install the drivers from the same SPP that contains the firmware.

Update firmware and drivers using Smart Update Tools (SUT) when the server is powered on and running an OS.

Firmware and drivers can be updated through the server profile when using Smart Update Tools. See Integrated Smart Update Tools for Windows and Linux User Guide and Smart Update Tools for VMware ESXi User Guide for installation instructions.

Set SUT mode to AutoStage or AutoDeploy. Reboot in the maintenance window.

Verify the managed device setting before updating the firmware.

Do not update the firmware using SUM or another external tool on a managed device unless the firmware baseline is set to Manage manually.

Store SPPs in a separate location from the appliance.

HPE OneView does not back up the firmware repository, so store SPPs in a repository that is not on the appliance, such as in the SUM repository used to create the custom SPP.

Remove older SPPs from the firmware repository.

Have at least one SPP available at all times because an SPP is required when adding resources to the appliance that have versions older than the minimum firmware versions for monitoring or managing. If you want to delete an older SPP, reassign all resources using that SPP to a different SPP before removing the SPP.

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