About defining physical dimensions and power systems

Defining the physical dimensions of the space that the networking hardware inhabits and positioning enclosures, power delivery devices, server hardware, and other devices in racks within HPE OneView provides the appliance with an accurate diagram of the devices in your data center and their physical connections. The appliance can then provide powerful monitoring and management functionality, including:

  • The Data Centers screen generates a 3D model of your IT environment, which you can use for planning and organization.

  • The Data Centers screen displays power and temperature data to enable you to analyze power consumption rates. The appliance reports peak temperatures for racks and their components to identify and alert you about potential cooling issues.

  • The Power Delivery Devices screen provides data to enable you to analyze power consumption rates and power caps.

  • When you define the physical topology and cooling and power characteristics of a data center, that enables 3D visualization and temperature monitoring.

  • See Data Centers.