Hypervisor manager user privileges

The user who registers hypervisor manager with HPE OneView must have the privileges to perform the following actions in hypervisor manager:
  • Create or remove hypervisor clusters.

  • Make cluster configuration changes to enable or disable Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS) or High Availability (HA) settings on the cluster.

  • Add or remove the hypervisor host from a cluster.

  • Place the hypervisor host in maintenance mode, and exit maintenance mode.

  • Perform power operations, such as shut down and restart of the hypervisor host.

  • Configure network settings on the hypervisor host to define virtual switches and port groups.

  • Create or modify the VMware vSphere Distributed Switch and configure Distributed Virtual (DV) port groups and dvUplinks for the switch.

  • Add or remove hypervisor hosts from the VMware vSphere Distributed Switch.

  • Create and add datastores.

  • Enable and configure iSCSI software adapter on a hypervisor host.

  • Query the inventory of data centers, folder paths, hypervisor clusters, and hypervisor hosts.