Hypervisor Networking

Management network

Used by hypervisor manager for managing hypervisors.

Management address assignment

  • Automatic

    The subnet ranges on the management network are automatically assigned to each hypervisor.

  • User specified

    Displays the subnet details without the IP address information. This field allows you to manage IP addresses outside of HPE OneView.
    • Subnet mask or CIDR

      Used in conjunction with the subnet ID to determine the network routing prefix.

    • Gateway

      IP address of the gateway.

    • Domain

      Domain name

    • DNS

      IP addresses of the DNS servers. Up to three DNS servers are supported.

  • Manage vSwitches

    The following options appear when the option Manage vSwitches is selected.

    • Special purpose addressing

      The list of networks are populated based on the chosen server profile template and connections in the server profile template. These are networks having special purpose set such as VM Migration,iSCSI, or Fault Tolerance .

      • Network

        A unique name for the network.

      • Purpose

        A type associated to a network to help categorize the purpose of the network: VM Migration,iSCSI, or Fault Tolerance .

      • IPv4 addresses assigned from

        IPv4 addresses are assigned either automatically or using DHCP addresses assigned by a DHCP server.

    • vSwitches

      This section is automatically populated when you choose the server profile template in the Hypervisor Template section.
      • vSwitch Name

      • Port Groups

      • Port

      • Network

      • Allocated Bandwidth