Configuring resources

  1. Add a SAN manager to the appliance to manage SAN storage.
  2. Create networks. Use Ethernet networks for data and Fibre Channel (FC) and Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) networks for storage.
  3. Create network sets.
  4. Add storage systems and storage pools to the appliance.
  5. Create volume templates.
  6. Create volumes and add existing volumes.
  7. Create logical switch groups.
  8. Create logical switches.
  9. Create one or more logical interconnect groups to define the connections between your networks and interconnect uplink ports.
  10. Create an enclosure group to define and maintain consistent configurations and to be able to detect and manage devices such as interconnects and server hardware in your enclosures.
  11. Add enclosures.
  12. Add power devices and power connections
  13. Add unmanaged devices.
  14. Add racks and configure the rack layout.
  15. Add a data center.
  16. Create a logical enclosure to define a set of enclosures to which to apply an enclosure group.
  17. Manually configure unmanaged interconnects.
  18. Create server profile templates.
  19. Create server profiles to define common configurations for your server hardware.
  20. Configure SNMP trap forwarding.
  21. Configure scopes.
  22. Configure alert notifications to arrive in email.