Downlink ports

These fields are populated automatically. You cannot edit them.

Downlink port information is available for Cisco Fabric Extender for HPE BladeSystem modules, but not other third-party interconnects. See the appropriate support or compatibility matrix on the Hewlett Packard Enterprise Information Library for the complete list of supported devices.

Screen component


Port status icon

Indicates the status of the port


Device bay number of the port


State of the port:

  • Linked The port is physically linked to the interconnect.

  • Unlinked The port is not physically linked to the interconnect.

  • Unknown The state of the port is not known.

  • Disabled The port has been disabled from the Edit interconnect screen.

Server hardware

Enclosure name and interconnect bay number of the linked interconnect

Adapter port

LOM (LAN on Motherboard), mezzanine card, or FLM (Flexible LOM) associated with the port

Server profile

Server profile associated with the port


(For interconnects that support statistical data collection)

Hover your pointer over the meter to display a graph of the bit transfer rate of the port over time

Port utilization data is refreshed at the same frequency as the interval between samples, which you can set using the Utilization Sampling settings on the Logical Interconnects or the Logical Interconnect Groups screen.