Uplink and downlink port advanced statistics

The port statistics displayed in the Advanced Statistics section for uplink and downlink ports depend on the port type. For the most up-to-date information about these statistics, see the HPE Virtual Connect User Guide.

The following list of statistics are displayed for both uplink and stacking ports. For these statistics, the stacking link ports display a value of 0.
  • rfc1493Dot1DBasePortDelayExceededDiscards

  • rfc1493Dot1DBasePortMtuExceededDiscards

  • rfc1493Dot1DTpPortInFrames

  • rfc1493Dot1DTpPortOutFrames

  • rfc1493Dot1DTpPortInDiscards

  • rfc2665Dot3ControlInUnknownOpcodes

  • rfc2665Dot3InPauseFrames

  • rfc2665Dot3OutPauseFrames