Apply a license to managed server hardware

The appliance automatically applies licenses when you add or refresh server hardware or when you add a new license key. The method in which a license is applied to managed server hardware depends on whether it has an embedded license, the type of embedded license, and the availability of licenses in the appliance pool.

You can View license status to determine if there are licenses available in the pool.

Licenses embedded on an enclosure are discovered by the appliance automatically and added to the license pool. A license embedded on server hardware is discovered by the appliance automatically and applied to the server hardware.

See About HPE OneView Advanced licensing for managing server hardware.

For server hardware without an embedded license:

  • If there are no licenses available, you must add a license to the appliance pool . The appliance then retrieves a license from the pool and assigns it to the server hardware.

  • If the server hardware is using the HPE OneView Advanced w/o iLO license type, but does not have an iLO license, and you want to apply one, you will have to apply the iLO license manually (through the iLO web interface).