Server blade licensing at the enclosure level

A server blade licensing policy at the enclosure level is an efficient way to handle licensing for all servers in an enclosure.

When you add an enclosure to the appliance, you must choose a server hardware license policy. This sets the licensing policy for all server hardware in the enclosure. After you add the enclosure, you are able to edit the enclosure to change the licensing policy. Changing the licensing policy on an enclosure only affects server hardware added after you make the change.

For more information on how the appliance handles enclosure licenses, see About licensing.


A license embedded on a managed server blade will override the enclosure license policy. If you add a managed server blade with an embedded license, the appliance assigns the embedded license to that server, regardless of the enclosure license policy. Embedded licenses on monitored server hardware are ignored.

Enclosure licensing policy behavior

When you add a managed enclosure to the appliance:

  • You must choose a licensing policy:

    HPE OneView Advanced or HPE OneView Advanced w/o iLO
  • A license embedded on the OA (Onboard Administrator) is added to the appliance license pool.

  • If the server blade does not have an embedded license, the appliance attempts to assign a license from the pool.

  • If there are not enough licenses to satisfy the policy, a notification is displayed that instructs you on how to address the issue.

  • If you add server blades to the enclosure after it has been added to the appliance, the server hardware will use the enclosure license policy.

  • There is no guarantee that an embedded OA license will be applied to the server blades in the enclosure that contains the embedded license.

  • Licenses embedded on a server iLO are automatically added to the appliance and applied to the server hardware on which they are embedded.

  • If the server hardware has an existing permanent iLO Advanced license, the license type will automatically be set to HPE OneView Advanced w/o iLO, regardless of the license type you choose.

  • To change the server hardware license policy of an enclosure, edit the enclosure and select a different license policy.

  • When you add server hardware to the appliance, the iLO Advanced license that is part of the HPE OneView Advanced license is applied to the server hardware iLO.