Bring an unmanaged enclosure with invalid firmware under management

An enclosure might become unmanaged if the firmware is invalid.


Minimum required privileges: Infrastructure administrator or Server administrator


If an enclosure has become unmanaged due to invalid firmware, you can bring that enclosure under management by updating the firmware.

  1. From the main menu, select Logical Enclosures, and then select Firmware to see what version of firmware you currently have.

    If you have HPE Virtual Connect Fibre Channel interconnects, see Update the firmware for Virtual Connect interconnects configured for Fibre Channel networks to determine if you need to update the firmware outside of the appliance.

  2. Install the proper firmware. See Update firmware on managed devices.
  3. After installation, verify that the enclosure is in the Configured state. You might need to re-add or refresh the browser to view the state.
  4. Add the enclosure.