Creating or deleting a logical interconnect

Creating a logical interconnect in an enclosure

A logical interconnect is automatically added when the enclosure is added. When you add a c7000 enclosure, the following occurs:

  • A logical enclosure is created based on the defined enclosure group.

  • The appliance detects the physical interconnects and their stacking links, if any.

  • The appliance automatically creates a single logical interconnect for each logical interconnect group defined in the enclosure group.


    The number of logical interconnects that are created depends on how the enclosure group was defined. See Edit a logical interconnect group.Edit a logical interconnect group

  • The appliance automatically names the logical interconnects using the following naming convention:

  • The data for the logical interconnects displays on the Logical Interconnects screen.

To add or change logical interconnects, see Edit a logical interconnect group Edit a logical interconnect group in the online help for more information.

Deleting a logical interconnect

To delete a logical interconnect, you must remove the logical interconnect group from the enclosure group, and then perform an update from group on the logical enclosure. This deletes the logical interconnect from the logical enclosure.