Update the logical interconnect configuration from the logical interconnect group

To bring a non-consistent (Inconsistent with group) logical interconnect configuration back into consistency (Consistent) with the logical interconnect group, you must reapply the settings from the logical interconnect group.

You can also select Update from group in the logical enclosure because a non-consistent logical interconnect results in a non-consistent logical enclosure.

  1. From the Logical Interconnects screen, select Actions > Update from group.

    The Update from group option is not available if the logical interconnect group and logical interconnect are already compliant (Consistency state field is set to Consistent).

    Consistency alerts are cleared automatically and settings now match the logical interconnect group.


    You cannot always make a logical interconnect compliant by editing or by manually clearing the alert; typically you must select Actions > Update from group.

    Clearing an alert will impact the health status of the logical interconnect resource (health is equal to the state of the most severe alert that is not cleared). This is a valid use case if you intend for the logical interconnect to not be consistent but want the dashboard to report a healthy (green) status.

  2. Check the confirmation box, confirming you understand all of the implications.
  3. Click Yes, update to confirm.
  4. To verify that the activity is successful, check the activity for a green status in the Notifications area.

    If the activity is not successful, follow the instructions in the proposed resolution.

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