About internal networks

An internal network is a network that has no uplink ports and is used for server-to-server communications within a logical interconnect. Servers that communicate with each other over internal networks do so without the traffic egressing any uplinks.

Only tagged, untagged, and tunnel Ethernet networks can be members of internal networks.

If network connectivity outside of the logical enclosure is required, the network must be in an uplink set associated with an uplink.


A network is not available for profile connections until it is added to an uplink set or internal networks in a logical interconnect group and the associated logical interconnect.

Adding and removing internal networks

Each logical interconnect group and logical interconnect has an internal network list which is initially empty. Adding a network to the internal network list in both the logical interconnect group and logical interconnect allows it to be used in server profile connections that can be mapped to downlinks on the interconnects within the logical interconnect.


Duplicate networks in the internal networks list on more than one logical interconnect can result in the inability for the servers in the enclosure to communicate.

Therefore, it is recommended to define all your internal networks on one logical interconnect in the enclosure.

You can add or remove internal networks from the Logical Interconnects or Logical Interconnect Groups screen. The internal network configuration created in the logical interconnect group is inherited by associated logical interconnects. A logical interconnect can be made consistent with the parent logical interconnect group by selecting Actions > Update from group.

Networks in the internal networks list appear as available networks for uplink sets. They are automatically removed from internal networks if they are added to an uplink set.

Removing an Ethernet network from an uplink set in a logical interconnect automatically moves it to internal networks so network connectivity is not lost for server profile connections using the network. However, if you remove an Ethernet network from an uplink set in a logical interconnect group, the network does not get moved automatically to the internal networks. If you want the network to be internal, edit the logical interconnect group and add the network to the internal networks.