Managed logical switches

Adding a logical switch to HPE OneView enables you to apply configurations that are required by the interconnect uplink ports to be provisioned at the switch downlink ports. Managed mode allows you to configure uplink VLANs at the switch downlink ports, monitor operation status, collect statistics, and alert users about specific conditions and incompatibilities between the upstream switch and the interconnect.

When adding a logical switch, any existing configuration of the ports connected to HPE OneView interconnects is reconfigured based on the configuration specified for the HPE OneView interconnect uplinks. Any port that is actively managed by an external management system remains unchanged and is not brought into HPE OneView management.

Before adding a managed logical switch

Before you add a logical switch as managed, consider the following for Fabric Extender and Virtual Connect interconnects physically connected to the logical switch:
  • When only IPv4 Ethernet networks are assigned to an uplink set at creation time, the uplink set can be physically connected to any upstream switch in the logical switch.

  • When an FCoE network is assigned to an uplink set at creation time, the uplink set is limited to single-homed physical connectivity and all uplink ports must connect to the same upstream switch in the logical switch.

    If a port is subsequently added to the uplink set with an FCoE network or an existing port in the uplink set is connected to a second upstream switch, that port is not available for configuration and an alert is generated. If a new port added to the uplink set is connected to the same switch as the other ports, that port is available to carry traffic and an alert is not generated.

    To change an uplink set from single-homed connectivity to multi-homed connectivity or vice-versa, the uplink set configuration must be deleted and re-created with the appropriate network assignments and physical configuration.

  • Make sure that LLDP is enabled on the top-of-rack switch downlink ports where Virtual Connect interconnects are connected.