Stage and activate firmware for update from logical interconnect

To upload the firmware and stage for activation, perform the following steps. To activate firmware that is already staged, see Activate the firmware for update from logical interconnect.

  • Privileges: Network administrator or Infrastructure administrator

  • At least one enclosure with two interconnects added that are configured to use Ethernet and at least one logical interconnect

    At least one enclosure with two interconnects added and at least one logical interconnect

  • At least one or more supported SPPs uploaded to the appliance

  1. From the main menu, select Logical Interconnects.
  2. From the master pane, select the logical interconnect and then do one of the following:
    • Select Actions > Update firmware.

    • Select Update firmware from the Firmware panel.

  3. From Update action, select Update firmware (stage + activate).
  4. From Firmware baseline, select the firmware bundle to install.
  5. Optional: Select Force installation to update firmware on all member interconnects and driver enclosures regardless of whether or not a member already has the updated firmware.

    To install a firmware version that is older than the version contained in the SPP, you must select the Force installation option to downgrade the firmware.

  6. Select the firmware activation method and delay for the interconnects on which to activate the firmware. See Update firmware screen details for more information.
  7. Click OK.
  8. Verify the firmware version associated with the logical interconnect and its associated interconnects in the Logical Interconnects page under the Firmware view.

    If the firmware is already at the selected firmware baseline, the firmware is not updated and a message displays in the Activity screen saying no update required.