Port Monitoring or Configure port monitoring

This section applies to the Logical Interconnects and Logical Interconnect Group resources.

For more Port Monitoring information, see Additional port monitoring details.

Screen component


Port monitoring

Enable or disable port monitoring which sends a copy of every Ethernet or Fibre Channel frame coming in and going out of a port to another port.

Default value:


Network analyzer port

Specifies the network analyzer port (the mirrored-to uplink port or downlink port) for the downlink server ports within a single enclosure. There is a single “mirrored-to port” per logical interconnect.

Monitored ports


Direction of the network traffic to analyze.


Analyze network traffic coming in and going out of the server port.

To server

Analyze network traffic to the server port.

From server

Analyze network traffic from the server port.

Default value:



Physical interconnects of the logical interconnect.


Downlink port number.


Downlink port adapter.

Server Hardware

Enclosure and bay number for the server blade

Server Profile

Assigned server profile to the server hardware.

Connection ID, Network

Connection ID and network name.

Add ports

Adds downlink ports to be monitored. See Downlink port for port monitoring details for more information.

Remove all

Removes all monitored ports.