Add or edit SNMP Trap Destinations

This section applies to the Logical Interconnects and Logical Interconnect Group resources.

Each SNMP trap destination can have any of the three trap types associated with it: VCM (Virtual Connect Manager), VC-Enet (Virtual Connect Ethernet), and VC-FC (Virtual Connect Fibre Channel). You can define up to 25 trap destinations, of which five can be of trap type VC-FC.

Screen component


Trap destination

IP address or host name of the SNMP manager where traps are forwarded. Use an IP address for Virtual Connect Fibre Channel interconnects; a host name does not apply.

Data type:

Both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses are supported.


The port number, from 1 to 65535, configured at the destination receiving SNMP traps.

Default: 162

Trap format

Format of traps: SNMPv1, SNMPv2, or SNMPv3

Use SNMPv1 for Virtual Connect Fibre Channel interconnects.



Notification type (SNMPv3)
  • Trap - An unacknowledgeable communication of a condition applicable to SNMPv1, SNMPv2, and SNMPv3.

  • Inform - An acknowledgeable trap applicable to SNMPv3.

Engine ID

The engine ID of the remote user. Engine IDs consist of prefix '0x' and an even number of up to 64 hexadecimal digits. If not specified, User name is considered to be a local SNMPv3 user. This property must be specified for an Inform notification type.

User name (SNMPv3)

Name of SNMPv3 users.


Severity of traps.


Severity settings do not apply to Virtual Connect Fibre Channel interconnects. Virtual Connect Fibre Channel modules will have severity set to None.


The SNMP manager cannot manage installed components.


One or more of the component's subsystems is not operating properly, seriously disrupting to functions.


One or more of a component's subsystems is not operating properly, slightly disrupting to functions.


The component has a potential problem.


The component is fully functional.


Operational information on a fully functioning component.


The SNMP manager has not yet established communication with the component.

VCM traps

Trap category for VCM (Virtual Connect Manager): Legacy

VC-Enet traps

Virtual Connect Ethernet trap categories:

Port Status

When a link changes from being up or down.

Port Thresholds

Throughput utilization thresholds are exceeded.


Authentication failures.

VC-FC traps

Virtual Connect Fibre Channel trap categories:

Port Status

When a link changes from being up or down.


Authentication failures.

If no Fibre Channel category is selected in SNMP Add Trap Destination menu, no SNMP trap configuration will be configured on Virtual Connect Fibre Channel module.