About appliance updates

The appliance runs a combination of software and firmware. Maintaining up-to-date appliance software and firmware fixes problems, improves performance, and adds new features to the appliance. The appliance does not automatically notify you when an update is available, you must determine if an appliance update file has been released.

To view the installed version of appliance firmware, use the Settings > Appliance view.

Then, verify if a newer version of an appliance update file is available to download from the www.hpe.com/info/hpeoneview/updates website.

Before you update the appliance, examine the HPE OneView Release Notes to learn about supported upgrade paths, new features delivered in the update, best practices, limitations, troubleshooting hints and tips, and whether you must restart the appliance after it is updated.


When you download the appliance update file, a link to the update HPE OneView Release Notes appears in the download dialog box. Hewlett Packard Enterprise recommends clicking that link to read and then save and print the information for future reference. Once the download starts, you cannot access that link again.

You manage appliance updates from the Settings > Appliance > Actions > Update appliance menu or by using the REST APIs. An appliance update is installed from a single file during the update process. You can either download the file directly to the appliance or to another computer and then transfer the file to the appliance.

When you install an appliance update, the appliance restarts and goes offline. When the appliance is offline, it does not affect the managed resources—they continue to operate while the appliance is offline.