Add a tunnel network

You can add a dedicated network to support tunneling (a passthrough for VLANs). For more information, see About tunnel Ethernet networks.

  • Minimum required privileges: Infrastructure administrator or Network administrator for adding networks

  • Minimum required privileges: Infrastructure administrator or Server administrator for changing the server profile configurations

  1. Add a tunnel network.
    1. Select Ethernet for Type.
    2. Select Tunnel for VLAN.
  2. Create a logical interconnect group.
  3. Add a dedicated uplink set that connects the tunnel network to the interconnect uplink port(s) or add the network as an internal network. Other networks cannot be associated with the uplink set. The tunnel network cannot be associated with an existing uplink set.
    1. Specify a name for the uplink set.
    2. Select Tunnel for Type.
    3. Under Networks, select the tunnel network you added in step 1.
    4. Under Uplink Ports, add the uplink port(s) from the interconnect module.
    5. Click Create.
  4. Create or edit a server profile with at least two Ethernet connections mapped to the network you created in step 1.
    NOTE: Powering off the server is optional if the connections are already on the profile. Power off the server to add connections to the profile.
    1. Apply the profile.
    2. Power on the server.

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