Associate a network with a managed SAN

When you associate a network with a discovered SAN, the SAN is then considered managed.

If the supported protocols of a SAN are not discoverable on the SAN manager, you can manually edit the SAN to add them.

  • Privileges: Infrastructure administrator or Network administrator

  • You have added a SAN Manager.

  • SAN zoning properties have been configured.

    • For a zoned SAN, Automate Zoning is set to Yes by default.

    • For an open SAN, Automate Zoning is set to No and cannot be changed.

  • Both the network and the SAN use the same protocol - either Fibre Channel or FCoE

  • For redundancy, plan to configure multiple networks and/or SANs to support A-side, B-side paths to the storage system.

  1. Create or edit a network.
    • To associate a network to the SAN, the network Type must be Fibre Channel over Ethernet or Fibre Channel.

    • The Fabric type for the network must be Fabric attach.


    If you have a hybrid SAN, you might have to change the SAN type for it to show up as an option. For example, if you specify a Fibre Channel over Ethernet network and the hybrid SAN is detected as a Fibre Channel type, you must edit the SAN for the SAN to be available to associate to the Fibre Channel network.


    More than one network can be associated to a SAN, but any given network can only be associated to a single SAN at a time.

  2. Select a SAN from Associate with SAN list.

    If you are editing the network and change the association to a different managed SAN, you must confirm the change.

  3. Confirm your changes, and click Create (if you are creating a network) or OK (if you are editing a network) to apply them.
  4. Verify the changes by checking the details pane for the network and for the associated SAN.