Screen component


General pane

The General panel displays the general properties of a power delivery device.

Utilization panel

The appliance gathers utilization data on various metrics and displays them in the Utilization panel and the Utilization screen


Only iPDUs display utilization data.



Power meter

Depicts the power consumption and allocation within the total capacity during the most recent five-minute data collection period

  • Consumption — amount of power used by this device (0.9 KW)

  • Allocation — amount of power required for this device (9.8)

  • Capacity — total derated power that can be provided for this device (11)

Hover your pointer over a meter to see a graph of the metric over the last 24 hours.

Click a meter to go to the Utilization screen to view utilization graphs.


There are some cases where the Utilization panel does not display utilization data. See About the Utilization panel for more information.

Power Connections

The Power Connections panel displays the power delivery device name, model name, and the names of the devices that are connected to the power delivery device.

The device name is a hyperlink to an overview of the device on the corresponding screen for the device type.